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8.6 is an intense beer. The beer is unique as it is a bottom-fermenting beer, a lager, with an intense taste. Full of body with a rich palate. 8.6 has a fruity flavour due to its special fermentation where the fermentation tank is not completely filled giving the beer its characteristic full and fruity flavour. A very refreshing and clear pilsner, strong in taste and alcohol. Brewed with natural mineral water from our own source and the best barley malt, wheat and hops.

Ingredients: Natural mineral water, barley malt, wheat and hop.

Available in:

  • 50cl Cans (case of 24 cans)

  • Serve at 6 °C
  • Storage: Ambient temperature. Store in a clean cool dry place without odours. Protect from sunlight and heat.

8.6 I.P.L

The “werewolf” within the pack. A lager Transforming into an Intense 

Pale Lager when the moon is bright! The 8.6 IPL is a cross between a 

drinkable, powerful lager and a firm hoppy IPA. A freshly bitter hop 

flavour and a softly sweet malt base fight for the attention of your 

taste buds in this lager. A duality to which even Little Red Riding 

Hood would surrender. For all you “werewolves“ out there!

8.6 RED

Eat your heart out, little Red Riding Hood. This dark red lager is just 

as sweet as you, but a little less innocent. 8.6 Red is all natural, made 

of the best barley malt, wheat and hops. Mixed with pure mineral 

water from our own sources. A beer with a complex aroma of grains 

and caramel and a bittersweet finish in which the high alcohol 

percentage lingers through. It takes a strong constitution not to 

attack this lovely lager immediately. For all those who can't wait for 

the next super bloodmoon eclipse!