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  • Calcium CA2+: 80mg/l
  • Magnessium Mg2+: 26mg/l
  • Sodium Na2+: 6.5mg/l
  • Potassium K+: 1mg/l
  • Silica SiO2: 15mg/l
  • Bicarbonate HCO3-360mg/l
  • Sulphates SO42-: 12.6mg/l
  • Chlorides Cl- : 6.8mg/l
  • Nitrates NO32-3.7mg/l
  • Dry residue 180oC: 309mg/l
  • pH: 7.2

Natural Mineral Water

Non-refillable PET Bottle Packs

  • 0.5ltr package (24 bottles per pack)
  • 1.5ltr package (12 bottles per pack)

One Way Glass bottle:

  • 75cl OWG package (12 bottles per pack)

Shelf life of PET Bottle Packs:

  • 0.5ltr bottles: 2 years
  • 1.5ltr bottles: 2 years

One Way Glass bottle:

  • 75cl glass bottles : 2 years


Ambient temperature. Store in a clean cool dry place away from sunlight, strong odours and chemicals.