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GSD Marketing Ltd is expanding its beer portfolio by introducing a low calorie lager to the Maltese market. The new 33 Lager is a low calorie beer which brings together everything beer fans look for in a light lager, by putting taste firmly at centre stage.  


The launch of this lager is driven by recent changes in consumer behaviour and lifestyle choices and a trend towards healthier alternatives and moderation in general.Research conducted into the taste of this new low calorie lager highlighted that the new 33 Lager is perfect for occasions when drinkers want to be out with friends and in the moment. Owing to their busy lifestyles, they want to opt for a lager with lower calories but do not want to compromise on taste.


 ’We know that lager drinkers are looking for choice and variety within the lager category and they want brands that match their lifestyles. Now, with the new 33 Lager, our consumers can enjoy a premium lager which is low in calories but has a great taste!” said Martin Agius, Sales & Marketing Manager at GSD Marketing Ltd.


The new 33 Lager is brewed with various special malts and natural mineral water from Bavaria's own springs, in combination with a modified brewing process which gives the beer a beautiful body and excellent flavour. Additional aroma hops give the beer the normal bitterness of pilsner and a deliciously refreshing hop-like aroma. As a result, the beer does not taste watery like any traditional light but retains the authentic flavour of a premium lager.


’Consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to lagers, but there aren’t many options if you’re looking for something that’s low in calories but still high in flavour. We wanted to create a lager which won’t weigh down the beer drinker but still offers the complete lager experience and that is exactly what we achieved with the new 33 Lager’’ said Peter Even, Senior Export Manager at Bavaria Holland Beer.


The new 33 Lager is now available in pubs and off licences.