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GSD Marketing Ltd will be supporting the16th edition of Maratona bir-Roti. The funds raised this year will continue on the efforts started last year to supply every government, Church and independent school with Automated External Defibrillators (AED), five trained teachers to operate the machines and first-aid knowledge to all children.



Some €131,000 have already been raised towards this aim last year.


 The 50-hour marathon, Minn Qalbna Għal Qalbkom, kicks off on Friday 13th March at 12.30 pm. Some 100 cycl

ists leave from Castille in Valletta to San Ġorġ Preca College, Boys’ Lyceum, in Ħamrun, where the event, open for the public, will run day and night until Sunday, with entertainment, exhibitions, and food and drink. The highlight performance will be by the Big Band Brothers on Saturday.


We are honoured to support such an event which not only promotes a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and entertainment, but also raises money to equip schools with life-saving equipment,” said GSD’s Sales and Marketing Manager Martin Agius.


Participants who will take part in the marathon include teachers, students and parents at the secondary school, as well as former lyceum students and all the primary and secondary schools of the San Ġorġ Preca College, Maltese personalities, other students and sports, cultural and philanthropic organisations. The age of the cyclists varies from three years to a 70-year-old man who is an ex-lyceum student.


The public can also make a donation by sending an SMS on 5061 7383.


Maratona bir-Roti is a non-governmental organisation which has been organising the annual event since 1994 (with a gap between 1998 and 2003) in aid of various causes and organisations. Since its inception, the organisation raised over €583,000.


Maratona bir-Roti was recognised with the Premju Mons. Azzopardi 2009 and the Health and Safety Education Best Practice Award 2013-2014.