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As part of its corporate social responsibility, for the second year running GSD Marketing Ltd supported, through Kristal water, the Maltese Diabetes Association in its campaign towards a healthier diet and lifestyle during World Diabetes Week.


 The Association organised two free blood glucose monitoring events recently, one at The Point in Sliema and another one at Main Street Shopping Complex in Paola to raise awareness of the need for regular monitoring especially among those who have a family history of diabetes.


The theme of this year was ‘Healthy Eating and Diabetes’. In keeping with this theme, the Association offered free breakfast packs including a small bottle of Kristal water sponsored by GSD Marketing Ltd.


According to statistics released by the International Diabetes Federation, the incidence of diagnosed diabetes in Malta in the 50+ age group beats the world average. In the 45-49 age group, the rate of diagnosis is higher than the EU average.



Overall, the incidence in Malta tends to be higher than in the rest of the Mediterranean region. In 2014, 269 people in Malta died of diabetes complications.




Globally 382 million live with diabetes, a number set to rise to 471 million by 2035. The real number of people living with diabetes in Malta is higher than the number of diagnosed cases.  Around 1.2% of Malta’s population has type 2 diabetes which is still undiagnosed.


Proper hydration is essential to good health, especially among vulnerable groups such as infants, children and the elderly. Drinking water frequently prevents the effects of dehydration. Fresh water helps the body to flush out toxins, regulate energy levels and keep vital processes working properly.


Among those with diabetes, avoiding dehydration is critical. Drinking water frequently helps to remove excess blood glucose. If you do not drink enough water, your body compensates by drawing fluid out of body tissues to try to flush out excess glucose, causing damage in the process.



We are grateful towards the Malta Diabetes Association to involve us in their campaigns to reduce diabetes risks in Malta” said GSD Sales & Marketing Manager Martin Agius. “Our Kristal water is very easily incorporated in the diet of people of all ages to help them keep hydrated and healthy.”