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As part of its environmental commitment to operate sustainably, GSD Marketing Ltd. increased its reused and recycled waste from 76.2% in 2013, to 80.3% in 2014, to 92.7% by June 2015. The waste reuse and recycling target for 2015 has been set at 94%.


“As a company we have set ourselves environmental targets, promoting proper waste separation among our staff to increase our recycling rates and reduce waste which ends up being landfilled,” said GSD’s Operations Manager Peter Kristensen. “To this end, every year we hold a Waste Awareness Week during which our staff receives further training and education in waste management. This year we combined the session with the ‘European Week for Waste Reduction’ campaign held between the 21st. and 29th. November.



GSD Marketing honours its sustainability obligations through an extensive waste separation programme.  The company also ensures that it continuously improves its environmental performance through its ISO14000 certification. GSD Marketing Ltd. is also governed by regulations stipulated at EU and local legislation, as well as The Coca-Cola Company’s waste compliance requirements.



“At GSD Marketing Ltd., we apply the waste hierarchy of control. This process ranks waste management options according to what is best for the environment. It gives top priority to preventing the generation of waste in the first place. It gives precedence to preparing it for reuse, then recycling. Landfill disposal is the last option,” said Mr Kristensen.


Using the European waste hierarchy, GSD Marketing Ltd. applies the highest level of waste management by minimising waste generation through utilizing innovative technology and design in its packaging.


The next preferred control in the hierarchy is reuse. GSD Marketing Ltd. has implemented a strategy of sending back packaging material utilised for the importation of the raw materials back to the original suppliers for re-use.


Recycling, which is the third control within the hierarchy, is applied to the management of scrap PET bottles, plastic and stretch film, paper and cardboard, metal and broken wooden pallets. All recyclable waste is transported to authorised waste recycling companies. GSD Marketing Ltd. is, in fact, part of the Green MT waste recovery scheme.  A total of 135,410 kg of waste has been separated and sent for recycling up to November this year.



The final and least preferred category in the European waste hierarchy involves the disposal and landfilling of waste. GSD Marketing Ltd. reduced its landfilled waste by 70% since 2013. Currently, GSD Marketing Ltd. landfills only 7.3% of its waste. This significant improvement was mainly achieved through the continuous education, monitoring and resulting awareness of all company employees.