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The Coca-Cola “One Brand” experience at the Malta Fashion Week has proved to be a hit among visitors. People were eager to immerse themselves in the new visual identity, pose in front of the selfie mirror to receive their signature Coca-Cola polaroid, view all newly branded bottles and cans, and of course enjoy a bottle of their favourite Coca-Cola.



Malta Fashion week visitors who visited the ‘’One Brand’’ experience had the opportunity to see the evolution of the Coca-Cola bottle, from the first Hutchinson bottle launched in 1899, to the present iconic contour bottle first launched in 1916 and then relaunched onto the market in 2016. The ‘’One Brand’’ experience provided a deeper insight of the new visual identity of Coca-Cola.


‘’The new visual identity extends the legacy of the original legendary Coca-Cola to the entire variant family, while the packaging design and advertising emphasize the unique benefits of each product. This is a powerful investment showing how everyone with any lifestyle can enjoy an ice-cold Coca-Cola, with or without calories,’’ said Kyra Meli Coca-Cola Brand Manager at GSD Marketing Ltd.



Apart from being given an exclusive Masterbrand gift, visitors also got to choose their favourite Coca-Cola to take with them, as well as a voucher for the Masterbrand signature cocktail made with Diet Coca-Cola. Desiree Azzopardi, one of the exhibitors at the Malta fashion week and a prominent shoe and bag designer in the local scene, collaborated with the brand and designed a Coca-Cola inspired handbag which was displayed at the exhibition.


The experience was organised by the Marketing Department of GSD Marketing Ltd., bottler and distributor of Coca-Cola in Malta, in added support for the Malta Fashion Week, an event which has been supported by the brand for the past 19 years.


 “We are very excited to have presented visitors with the Coca-Cola “One Brand” experience during Malta’s foremost fashion week. The response from the public was overwhelming. The new visual identity approach shares the equity of Coca-Cola across all Trademark products, reinforcing our commitment to offer consumers choice with more clarity.’’ said Martin Aguis, Sales & Marketing Manager at GSD Marketing Ltd.