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The General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd announced that Coca-Cola Life is now produced and being distributed through GSD Marketing Ltd in Malta and Gozo. The newest addition to the Coca-Cola family has the great taste you would expect from a Coca-Cola but with 36% less calories [i]

 and the sweetness coming from natural sources [ii].


The launch of Coca-Cola Life is part of The Coca-Cola Company’s global commitment to offer consumers more choices with less or no calories. Sweetened with a blend of sugar and stevia extracti, a 500-ml PET bottle of Coca-Cola Life contains 135 kcalories. The launch of   Coca-Cola Life provides consumers in Malta even greater choice: Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Life with one-third less caloriesi and two calorie-free alternatives with Coca-Cola Zero and Diet Coke. Coca-Cola life is the first new Coca-Cola to launch in Malta since Coca-Cola Zero in 2007.


"We are pleased to be adding Coca-Cola Life to our portfolio of Coca-Cola in Malta," says GSD’s Chief Operating Officer Maria Micallef. "It complements our existing brands and is well positioned to meet the changing lifestyle trends by providing consumers a tasty cola drink with less caloriesi and sweetness from natural sourcesii.


There is a growing interest worldwide in new ingredients like steviol glycosides, naturally contained in the leaves of stevia plant, providing sweetness from natural source. Stevia plant is native to Paraguay. Sweeteners made from stevia plant are calorie-free and up to 200 times sweeter than table sugar.



Coca-Cola Life brings years of experience in product innovation, consumer taste studies, and product testing, so as to provide consumers with a reduced caloric beverage, without sacrificing the taste.


“For consumers looking to reduce their sugar and calorie intake but do not want to switch to a sugar-free cola, this is a great-tasting option” said GSD General Manager Brian Galea. “In the markets where it has already been introduced, Coca-Cola Life was really well received. And although it’s still early days, we’re delighted with people’s reactions to it so far in Malta.”



[i] thanks to 36% less sugars than the majority of sugared colas in Malta, with sweetener steviol glycosides

[ii] Sugar cane or sugar beet and stevia extract