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GSD Marketing Ltd continues to support Water Conservation

24 Apr 2017

An educational centre on the conservation of water was inaugurated on Friday the 21st 2017 in the Nigret Area of Rabat. The centre, called L-Għajn is furnished with educational interactive games on water, the most important element for life. The interactive educational games used in this centre are part of the Alter Aqua program which has been running in Malta since 2011. The project’s principal aim is to educate on the importance of water conservation, a scarce resource in Malta.


San Anton Palace becomes a Water Sustainability Example

23 Mar 2017

In honour of World Water Day, on March 22nd 2017, representatives of The Office of the President of Malta, the Energy and Water Agency of Malta and the Global Water Partnership – Mediterranean (GWP-Med), signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the reinstatement of a rainwater harvesting reservoir at San Anton Palace, in the framework of Alter Aqua Program.


Maltese soft drinks industry commits to reduce added sugars by 10% by 2020

23 Feb 2017

Local pledge will contribute to delivery of European 10% sugar reduction commitment


Inauguration of the Greywater Recycling System in Helen Keller, Resource Centre

18 Nov 2016

The Greywater Recycling System installed in Hellen Keller, Resource Center that will enable the reuse of treated water for garden irrigation was inaugurated today by Her Excellency, The President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca.


GSD Marketing supporting Water Outreach Campaign organised by the Health Promotion Department

19 Sep 2016

Respected physicians from around the globe recommend that one must drink eight cups or two litres of water a day. Hydration is essential to sustain a healthy metabolism, to maintain a constant body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. It surely keeps the skin glowing, helps you think and keeps the joints supple.


“Love Your Day” by Cappy

29 Jul 2016

As part of its initiatives to support a balanced lifestyle, GSD Marketing Ltd, distributors of Cappy fruit juices, nectars and juice drinks in Malta, organised the ‘Love Your Day’ campaign, to promote the value of breakfast especially at the start of a busy work day.


FANTA launches new look and feel with its Spiral bottle

27 Jul 2016

FANTA, has taken the fun a notch higher with the launch of a new spiral FANTA bottle inspired by FANTA’s great orange taste.


GSD Marketing contributes towards raising funds for Dar tal-Providenza

20 Jul 2016

For the 6th year running GSD Marketing Ltd, the distributor of Coca-Cola products bottled in Malta by The General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd, supported the fundraising volleyball marathon in aid of Dar tal-Providenza.