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President George Vella and Ms. Vella visit The General Soft Drinks Company Limited.

21 Oct 2021

President George Vella and Ms. Vella paid an official visit to the premises of The General Soft Drinks Company Limited.


Sol Launches In Malta

03 Sep 2021

GSD Marketing Ltd announced the launch of Sol, a lager born in Mexico that embraces the sun’s positive energy and now available in over 85 countries. 



Amstel Beer Launched in Local Market

03 Sep 2021

GSD Marketing Ltd has launched Amstel Beer on the local market. Amstel was founded in 1870, from the very particular friendship of its two founders: Charles de Pesters and Johannes van Marwijk Kooy. Brothers-In-Law and best friends who, as the story goes, could not find a single beer in Amsterdam that they both liked.


Coca-Cola Unveils New Refreshed Look

30 Jul 2021

GSD Marketing Ltd. has launched the new Coke Zero in line with the global roll out of the The Coca-Cola Company’s new design system for the Coca-Cola trademark. This new design system brings Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Diet Coke together in an evolution of the ‘One Brand’ Strategy that launched worldwide in 2016.


Introducing Aquarius

29 Apr 2021

Need a boost? Refresh your body and mind with Aquarius, a new range of drinks containing water plus essential minerals. 


Zero Waste Future program organizes three clean ups and supported turtle releases

19 Dec 2019

The Zero Waste Future, a program funded by The Coca-Cola Foundation, is an ambitious program that aims to accelerate the behavioural change required to make the circular economy and recycling part of people's hearts, minds and everyday routines.

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