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At The General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd, we believe in supporting the community in which we operate, and take our social responsibilities very seriously, whether this concerns the people who live and work in and around our sites, or society as a whole. We are also committed to giving something back to the community. We ensure this by successfully creating jobs, investing responsibly in local communities and supporting youth activities, sports and entertainment – below you can view some of our initiatives.


• Family Fun Day sponsored by Kristal:

May 2015

Over 500 parents and children participated a Family Fun Day, sponsored by Kristal water, at the National Pool in Gzira last Sunday where they could participate in fun physical activities and enrol for the Summer on the Move programme. During the day, both parents and children could enroll for the Summer on the Move programme which will kick off in July. 




 • Malta Fashion Awards:

May 2015

The General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd and Diet Coke support local talent and creativity for the seventh year running, furthering its support for the fashion scene and Maltese designers. For this reason it sponsors the Malta Fashion Awards, giving Maltese designers the possibility to take part in the right platform to launch their creations.



 • Kristal supports World Diabetes Day 

November 2014

A large number of visitors to The Point Shopping Complex in Sliema on November 15 benefitted from the Free Blood Glucose Monitoring Initiative organised by the Malta Diabetes Association in collaboration with the Diabetes & Endocrine Centre of Mater Day Hospital to mark World Diabetes Day. Kristal water was of the supporters of the event which also highlighted the importance of a balanced breakfast as part of a healthy lifestyle.


• Children and adults discover the fascinating science behind 
soft drink bottling at Science in the City:

September 2014

The General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd (GSD), set up an innovative exhibition stand at Science in the city, where the Open Happiness Truck was transformed into a laboratory. The public could experience and witness all the stages involved in the production of the popular soft drink, from the manufacturing of the bottle, to filling, capping, labelling and packing. Members of the public were also invited to perform some hands-on quality checks that go into making the world's best known beverage - Coca-Cola.



• Summer on the Move with Kristal:

This programme full of summer activities sees the participation of over 4,500 children and adults in a total of 26 different sport disciplines. Through Kristal, The General Soft Drinks passes on the message that summer is great to have fun as long as you keep protected from the sun and hydrated. Supporting such a programme, Kristal gives participants the opportunity to remain active and adopt a healthy lifestyle during summer. 


• A Night for Life:

June 2014

Concert by soprano Lydia Caruana in aid of research in breast cancer: The General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd supported a tribute concert to the late Helen Muscat, former Chairperson of the Action for Breast Cancer Foundation. The concert was held also in collaboration with the Research, Innovation and Development trust of the University of Malta, raising funds for greater awareness and research into the disease.



• Assist the Malta Community Chest Fund:

December 2013

Employees of The General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd teamed up with L-Istrina volunteers and toured a number of towns in Malta and Gozo. They were accompanied by the Coca-Cola Happiness Truck which magically transforms into a typical family dining-room decorated with a Christmas theme. The public was invited to visit the Happiness Truck where they had the opportunity to donate €2 in aid of L-Istrina and acquire their own personalised 0.5 ltr Coca-Cola bottle. €28,000 were raised from this month-long campaign.


• The Alter Aqua Video Game:

The Alter Aqua Video Game was developed by GWP-Med in the framework of the Alter Aqua-Non Conventional Water Resources (NCWR) Programme in Malta, in partnership with the Ministry for Gozo and the Eco-Gozo project, The Coca-Cola Foundation and The General Soft Drinks Co Ltd. It aims to be helpful tool to raise awareness and sensitise primary and secondary school students on the use of non conventional water resources and water saving in everyday life. 


Alex, the main character of the game, is a teenager whose goal is to manage the water available for one day in his water bucket, by cleverly choosing the most efficient and sustainable way to use it, as well as making use of other water recourses. In each activity he has two options: one which uses unnecessarily large amount of water and the other which saves water, either by utilising non conventional water resources (rainwater harvested & recycled grey water at home) or by being more efficient. Quick messages appear each time the player selects an option, explaining the water benefit or loss, and thus encouraging sustainable water use. The domestic use of non conventional water resources is promoted by show casing the methods and the benefits of reuse for secondary uses.


Water being a vital resource for life, development and the environment, it is crucial that the youth is sensitised on the importance of saving water and utilising non conventional resources, where available. The Alter Aqua Video Game promotes a much needed new water culture of responsible and wise water user of the presence and future. 


The Game is accessible on:

An animation on youtube showing the concept of rainwater reuse can be accessed on:


• Partners in a Water Stewardship Programme in Malta:

Since 2011 The General Soft Drinks Co Ltd has been involved in Alter Aqua, a multi-stakeholder programme on Non Conventional Water Resources (NCWR). The Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean, the Ministry for Energy and Health, the Ministry for Gozo and the Eco-Gozo Project, as well as The Coca-Cola Foundation and The General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd. have joined forces for its implementation.The program aims at increasing water availability through rainwater harvesting and greywater reuse, while raising public awareness on the importance of responsible water use and conservation. To date, 30,000 Maltese citizens have benefitted. The first phase was completed in 2013 and was funded with a $800,000 grant from The Coca-Cola Foundation and additionally received $440,000 co-funding from the Ministry of Gozo. The second phase of Alter Aqua has received an additional grant of $340,000 from The Coca-Cola Foundation until 2015.

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