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Our company is essentially split into five main departments:





Sales & Marketing Department

• Sales Section: The role of the management in this department is to develop a strategy selling concepts and activities, and consult with customers to grow our business and to build the company's presence at the retail level. Employees in this department are dedicated to building profitable long-term relationships with the people who buy our products.

• Marketing Section: The Marketing Section’s job is to find out what consumers want and to come up with new ways of satisfying these needs. We do this by leveraging the strength of our existing brands and by creating new products to meet the changing needs of the customer.


Finance Department

Finance provides advice, counsel, and forecasting to the company's business units and functions. The management of this department guides the company's business activities by providing the critical data needed for every aspect of our business - from new product launches, to retail promotions and plant expansions. Finance is a partner in every strategic business decision.


Operations Department

• Quality Assurance Section: Our Quality Assurance Section plans and maintains stringent quality standards thereby ensuring the company produces good quality safe products for all our customers by the monitoring of all the production processes, purchased ingredients and packaging. The Quality Department facilitates the implementation of the system and compliance requirements of The Coca-Cola quality system, ISO 9001 and ISO14001, throughout the whole company.

• Services Section: This section provides technical support to ensure that all the refrigeration equipment (including vending machines, cooler fridges and fountain equipment) located at all our clients are maintained and operational, by employing preventative maintenance strategies and appropriate problem resolution. The responsibility for maintaining the company fleet lies as well within this department.

• Logistics Section: The Logistics Section consists of two main units:

• The warehousing is responsible for stock management, making sure storage is in accordance with the company's storage requirements and readily available for distribution

• The distribution unit which manages the flow of finished product through the supply chain to ensure that our products are always available to the consumer. Purchasing Section: This department is responsible for strategically sourcing materials and services needed to produce our products.


Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department partners with management within the business to create an environment which is a great place to work. This department assists in building a company whose culture will attract, retain and motivate talented, engaged and committed employees dedicated to deliver business goals.


Technical Department

• Building & Services Section: This section is responsible for the upkeep of the company premises, as well as all services including electricity, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.

• Production Section: This section is responsible for the successful production of the company’s ever-expanding product portfolio.

• IT Section: This section provides the technology and information that helps the organisation make more timely and strategic decisions, improve business results and more efficiently and effectively manage the company's work processes.

• Engineering and Process Section: This section is responsible to ensure our production lines are maintained to the highest standard by employing preventative maintenance strategies and appropriate problem resolution.