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Important Milestones for The General Soft Drinks Co Ltd. -

1952 Coca-Cola arrived in Malta thanks to a local entrepreneur. The plant in Malta was inaugurated on the 18th May 1952.




1968 Fanta Orange launched in Malta
1970 The Mizzi family acquired the exclusive license for the bottling and distribution of the products produced by The Coca-Cola Company and began trading on the 27th April 1970
1979 Sprite was introduced on the local market
1986 Diet Coke was incorporated in the portfolio
1987 Diet Sprite was launched
1988 Kristal Table Water was bottled by the Company and started selling locally
1992 Introduction of Soft Drinks in 1 litre returnable glass bottles
1993 Nestea in 33cl cans were imported and distributed locally
Coca-Cola products available on draught
Introduction of Finley range of mixers
The distribution of Stella Artois Beer was acquired
1996 Coca-Cola products launched in Post-Mix and Pre-Mix packaging
1997 Krest (a local bitter sweet drink) & Diet Krest were launched
Fanta Lemon was added to the portfolio
Powerade Sports Drink range was introduced
Kristal in 0.5litre and 2 litre was re-launched in new PET packaging
Nestea in 0.5litre and 2 litre was re-launched in new PET packaging
Burn energy drink was launched
Leffe Blond, Brune, Radieuse Beers and Hoegaarden Beer were introduced. 
Evian Natural Mineral Water was launched - Click here to view Press Release





For the first time in its history, the Chairman and CEO of The Coca Cola Company visits The General Soft Drinks Co Ltd - Click here to view Press Release
Boddington Beer was included into our beer category
Gilde Pilsener Beer was introduced
Irish Classic Naturally Flavoured Waters range were added to our portfolio - Click here to view Press Release

       Introduction of PET package in Malta

       Move to the new plant in Marsa